jsUplink: Upgrade your links

Upgrade ugly URL-style links in pages.
Automatically display the real page titles and [soon] favicons.


jsUplink is a small JavaScript helper that converts <a> links in web pages to display the title of the live page.

Page details are retrieved via an API on this site which in turn calls an Azure Function I have developed and maintain.

Page results are also stored in the browser's localStorage cache.
This allows for faster link conversion in future page visits.


  • This is early stage development with more work planned.
  • Breaking changes may be introduced later, however, both the script and API are versioned.


The script and lookup service are written and maintained by Jason Snelders.
I am providing this as a free service. Premium options may be available in the future.
For any questions, suggestions or support requests please contact jason@jsnelders.com.


Version 1.1 - 1 July 2018


jsUplink is minified with https://jscompress.com/.